Contacting Res-Q-ware

If you run into a problem when using the RescueBoot software you can file a problem report by following these steps:

  • First navigate to the RescueBoot program group in the "StartMenu" and click on the "GetLogFiles" link. This will open a command window and gather all of the RescueBoot log files into a single compressed file.
  •  After the log-files have been collected the command window will close and then you can go to "My Computer" and navigate to the directory you selected when installing the RescueBoot software, normally "C:\Program Files\RescueBoot".
  • Right click on the file "" and select "Send To" and then "Mail Recipient". This will attach the compressed log-files to an email message in your default email program.
  • Type in "Problem report" in the message header and in the body of the message give a detailed description of the problem you encountered.
  • Send the email message with the log-file attachment to

To provide general feedback or comments about our products send an email addressed to

To have a representative from Res-Q-ware contact you directly to discuss available services or inquire about a product site license, please send a brief email with your contact information to

To report a problem with our website please send an email to