The owner of Res-Q-ware has more than 20 years of experience helping the world's leading software and hardware companies bring world class Microsoft Windows compatible products to their customers. Res-Q-ware can make this experience available to your company as well.

Software Development

Res-Q-ware may be available to assist your company in the development of world class software products for the Microsoft Windows platform. Whether your project is user mode, kernel mode or pre-boot, we can lend our experience and expertise to every step. Whether it is conception, planning, management, design, coding, testing, debugging or delivery to end-users through the web, Res-Q-ware has the experience to help you every step of the way.

Technology Transfer

Res-Q-ware represents a tremendous library of existing source code that provides the functionality in the products we distribute. Much of this source code can be licensed from Res-Q-ware for use in your own products as can the patented technology found in the Res-Q-ware products. We can even assist you in integrating our code or technology into your products.

Patent Assistance

Res-Q-ware can help you protect your intellectual investments by assisting in the identification of patentable technology and working directly with your patent attorney to assist in filing for patent protection for your technology. After filing for a patent we can assist your attorney in responding to "office actions" from the patent office to provide you with the best chances for the approval of your application.

Contacting Res-Q-ware

If you would like Res-Q-ware to contact you directly to discuss the services we can provide, please send a brief email with your contact information to